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The firm was founded in 1870 by Mr. Alessandro Canestrini.

Today, the responsible provider of canestriniLex :: avvocati law firm and its website www.canestrinilex.com is Mr. Nicola Canestrini, Italian attorney at law (avvocato, Italian lawyer; for his expertise please check his curriculum vitae or .. Google!).

Nicola Canestrini  is member of the Rovereto Bar with professional ID n.288; the Italian VAT Identification Number is 02211010216 and he has a Professional Liability Insurance with UnipolSai Insurance Company.

All attorneys working with canestriniLex :: avvocati are attorneys at law (avvocati) under Italian law.

Although all contents are checked carefully and are regularly kept up-to‐date, completeness, correctness and absolute up‐to‐dateness cannot be guaranteed; users are invited to independently verify the accuracy of any information obtained.

The information on this webpage is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice; it is not appropriate for assessing an individual case. By presenting this information, no client ‐ attorney relationship is established. The release and security of any sensitive or confidential information transmitted by the user is under his / her sole responsibility.

:: Important information

Under Italian law, Italian attorneys do not have any obligation to achieve a certain result (often known as output based obligations), but they have an “obligations of means”, i.e. obligation to dedicate a certain amount of resource to achieving a particular result (often known as input based obligations).

Italian ethical rules do not allow to advertise or to disclose clients names; canestriniLex does not offer or give any professional advise through email or social media.

For consulting professional rules for Italian attorneys at Law please read the Codice Deontologico Forense (Ethical Code for Italian Lawyers). The professional regulations can be found at http://www.consiglionazionaleforense.it which is the website of the National Bar Association for Italian Attorneys at Law.

How can I hire a lawyer from canestriniLex?

In court related cases, you have to sign a power of attorney (here the power of attorney for criminal cases); beside that, we always sign a written  representation agreement with the client, which should be read very carefully before being signed. It sets out the terms of the attorney-client relationship as well as the fees and compensation that the attorney is due.

To handle your case, we need:

  1.  signed power of attorney (here the power of attorney for criminal cases);
  2.  signed representation agreement
  3. copy of your ID or passport (for anti moneylaunderingpurposes)
  4. contact inforamtion (email, mobile, ..).

Email is fine, but please send us the orignal of signed documents as soon as possibile to our rovereto offices by ordinary or recommended mail. A down payment to our bank account is usually requested.

Any doubts or complaints?

Please feel free to let us know if there is a problem, we'll manage it toghether. In any case, you have the right to file an official complaint.  The responsible supervisory authority, which is called "Consiglio Distrettuale di Disciplina", can be addressed through the local bar association, the Rovereto Bar.